With Katana and Xero everything is linked and together in one place. You can type descriptions in and it works really well with an Excel card system and I find it much easier to use – rather than remembering product codes.”

We’re really utilizing all features Katana offers. It has been a great experience. The staff is excellent — anytime I have a question, I use the chat or Knowledge base, and the team has been an immense help during the implementation and integration of all our products.”

I used to spend around 15 minutes per individual order on admin work, and I would be doing it all – preparing the packing lists, labels, and shipping. Now I do not need to touch any of that. Instead, I can put this time into designing new products and developing the business.”

The reason why we were very sold on Katana was the how-to and guide videos and walkthrough videos were pretty straightforward. It was simple and we were able to connect to all our online stores and had everything we needed.”

Bulk actions, bulk edit, managing qr codes and finding best shipping methods – handle your e-commerce store actions all from one place via integrations

Your company connects to Xero in just a few clicks

Every company would love to get paid faster for the products they create, so they could get a clear picture of their business’s financial health. Using Xero gives you an excellent view of your company’s financials, even if they can’t speed up how fast the money comes in. And combining it with Katana means your financial data is sent to Xero, and your company data is then shared between both platforms, so you always know what’s going on from production to shipping.

A worker with a handheld device scanning boxes on a warehouse shelf

A better view of your business helps you make smarter decisions

With clear company data, you also have an excellent understanding of the balance between your purchases and sales, whether you’re operating with the right level of materials on hand, and which bill of materials you may need to update or overhaul for better results. You can assess the financial performance of your products, stock, processes, and logistics and create an improvement or growth plan.

Katana ERP software running on a laptop and a tablet

Xero manufacturing software integration should never be difficult

Manufacturing businesses shouldn’t need to suffer through multiple spreadsheets and unnecessary manual admin. With Katana and Xero, you get added automation, simplified online invoices, and you save more time thanks to less manual work. With less paper to sift through and a smarter approach to creating your products, you have time to consider how to grow and evolve your business.

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Xero manufacturing FAQs
What’s the advantage of using cloud manufacturing software along with Xero?

It’s crucial to understand your business finances, but making sure the day-to-day of your business runs smoothly is equally important.

Enterprise resource planning software allows you to manage your raw materials, set automated reorder points for stock, conduct remote warehouse management, use batch and lot tracking, and way more that we won’t list here.

You can take a look at our features and discover how else cloud manufacturing software could help you and your business.

Is Xero good for manufacturing companies?

Absolutely, and not just because we integrate with them.

A Xero account offers you clarity about your business finances, as well as tracking of your accounts payable and receivable and the best possible picture of your company’s performance.

In short, is Xero legit? Yes, yes, it is.

Are there other accounting software options with Katana?

Yes — Katana also has native integration with QuickBooks Online, along with our API, which allows you to link with other accounting software where possible.

Does Xero have inventory add-ons?

Yes, there is a range of Xero inventory add-ons that integrate with the accounting software to provide additional inventory management functionality. These add-ons allow businesses to track inventory levels, manage purchase orders, automate reorder triggers, and more.

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