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Do you love using Katana, or know someone who would? Refer a friend, colleague, or member of your network and earn $300 reward once they become a Katana customer. Generate your unique referral link below to start sharing and earning.

How to refer a friend to Katana

Generate your link
Enter your email address and a unique sharing link will be generated for you.
Share with your network
Copy the link and encourage your on and offline network to sign up for Katana.
Earn a $300 reward
Once a referral signs up and becomes a paying customer, you'll get a reward.

Ways to spread the word about Katana

Referrals aren't limited to friends — here are a few ways to reach manufacturers who'd love Katana beyond your immediate network.

Share your link on social media

Let your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other immediate social networks about the benefits of Katana and why they should make the switch.

Join manufacturing communities

Go beyond your immediate social media network and share your Katana referral link in manufacturing groups and communities on social media.

Send an email or make a call

You may already have a few people in mind that would benefit from Katana — send them a text, reach out on Slack, give them a call, or send an email.


Get in touch with old colleagues

If you’re a manufacturer already using Katana and see how it could help other businesses and teams you’ve worked with, go ahead and share the news.

FAQs about Katana and the Refer-a-Friend program
Are there any templates I can use to share my link via social media or email?

Absolutely! Here are some templates you can use to spread the word.

Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook posts

  • Post description: Are you a manufacturer in need of a better software solution? Get the live inventory, production, and sales data you need with Katana Manufacturing ERP.
  • Images: Sized for Twitter, Sized for LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Image preview copy: Loved by thousands of manufacturers / Get started with a free 14-day trial.

Email template

Subject: Just signed up for Katana and want to spread the word!


I recently started working with Katana and think that you would get a lot out of their manufacturing and inventory tracking features.

If you’re interested in learning more, just click the link below or send me an email with any questions you have. {{referral link}}

Best regards,
{{first_name}} {{last_name}}

Do I need to sign up somewhere to make a referral?

You don’t need to sign up anywhere to start referring. Just create your unique sharing link using your email address and you’ll be notified as soon as a referral makes their first payment.

When and how do I receive my $300 reward?

The $300 referral bonus is awarded as soon as your referral makes their first payment. Once they do, you will receive an email from PartnerStack, the platform facilitating reward payments, that you can claim your commission and more instructions on how to do so.

Who would benefit from using Katana?

Katana is a manufacturing ERP that gives modern manufacturing companies the live overview they need to make decisions. Companies that would benefit most from Katana include small to medium-sized manufacturers who are struggling to manage operations with:

  • Systems of spreadsheets — Manually updating spreadsheets is not only time-consuming but an error-prone method of inventory and production management
  • Expensive and complex legacy software — Old-school ERP software is not only difficult to use, but comes with a high price tag and an avalanche of features that most manufacturers do not need or use
  • ERP or MRP tools that lack integrations — Katana is built to integrate with top-tier accounting (Xero, QuickBooks), e-commerce (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce), CRM, reporting, automation, and shipping software to streamline operations
Can my referrals change or cancel their subscription at any time?

If you are on a monthly billing plan, you can upgrade, downgrade, or change the number of users and operators at any time. Once you do, your billing details are recalculated automatically. If you are downgrading, you will be partially credited for your subscription fee and unused Advanced plan add-ons. Monthly subscriptions can be canceled anytime under the Subscription section in your Katana account settings.

If you are on an annual billing plan, you can add users and operators anytime and be billed on a prorated basis. Removing users from annual billing plans will add credit to your Katana account for your next billing period. If you want to downgrade from Advanced to Essential, you can use your paid annual fee as a prepayment for your next billing period. If you cancel your annual plan subscription, there is no refund. However, your account will remain active until your subscription expires.

If you connected to Katana from the Shopify App Store, your billing is handled by Shopify. To cancel, simply uninstall the Katana app from your Shopify account.

Do my referrals need to enter credit card details to sign up?

No, we do not require your credit card details when you sign up. Once your free trial ends and you decide to continue using Katana, you will be asked to select a paid plan and enter your billing information.

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