D2C manufacturing in a recession: a 2022 review of holiday peaks

From recession to the Covid-19 crisis, a cascade of events has put tremendous strain on the global supply chain and economy. Download the full report based on data from real D2C manufacturers to explore key trends and actionable insights that will help you navigate economic volatility


Comparing 2021 and 2022
How to prepare for 2023

Key insights when looking at D2C manufacturers in seasonal industries

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are characterized by soaring online discount rates, particularly in seasonal industries where discounts range between 11-32%. E-commerce and D2C manufacturing businesses often use this as an opportunity to ride the wave of high demand. At the same time, they are also forced to compete with lowball offers for the same products.

  • Forecasting demand and understanding the impact of pricing is an ongoing challenge for D2C manufacturers.
  • D2C manufacturers wait until very close to peak sales periods to prepare their software and struggle to update it.
  • Preparation is key to ensuring delivery despite other challenges that come with global supply chain issues.

Go beyond the average 3.8% sales turnover increase

D2C manufacturers in seasonal industries will continue to struggle. Find out how you can optimize operations to offset rising material costs.
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