Katana integrates with WooCommerce with for end-to-end stock management

Know what you have in stock and where you have it at any one time. WooCommerce inventory management plugins like Katana update your raw materials and product stock based on sales and production orders in real-time.
Total inventory control
Track your inventory across multiple locations for several WooCommerce stores to avoid stock-outs
A live stock-level overview
Get a complete overview of raw materials, bills of materials (BOMs), and finished products in real time
All item variants in one place
Manage all product variants and raw materials in one visual and intuitive manufacturing software solution
Automatic reorder points
Katana works seamlessly with your WooCommerce store by signaling when you need to create purchase orders at low stock thresholds
Know your costs
Get manufacturing cost calculations for all of your products with our moving average cost feature and order at the optimum moment
Make products your way
Katana supports both make-to-order and make-to-stock manufacturing workflows to support your business needs and help you stay flexible

With Katana, we are able to track products, build recipes for materials, and set reorder points for our materials as well.”

We chose Katana because it seemed to be the most user-friendly software we tried – it is very easy to use and the customer service is great!”

Since implementing Katana, we’ve grown our product offering, and that wouldn’t be possible without it. It has freed up my time so I can focus on designing and creating more products. It also means that I am not working until 11 pm every night.”

We struggled to know which items are in stock so that we could build a batch and therefore often found extra components lying around […] Katana, we can now know what we have in store and where to look for it.”

Bulk actions, bulk edit, managing qr codes and finding best shipping methods – handle your e-commerce store actions all from one place via integrations

Streamlined inventory management with one cloud manufacturing software

Katana’s WooCommerce inventory management integration ensures live stock synchronization between WooCommerce and your cloud manufacturing software. Katana automatically takes your available goods and materials and allocates them to production and sales orders, giving you an up to date, autonomous stock count in real time.

Most manufacturing businesses leverage their online (and offline) presence by selling through different channels. With Katana, you can manage multiple sales channels and inventory, all in one place. That way you can ensure accurate stock quantities no matter the sales channel, and easily monitor raw material availability and to fulfill WooCommerce sales orders on time.

A worker with a handheld device scanning boxes on a warehouse shelf

WooCommerce inventory mangement software for D2C manufacturers

By understanding the requirements behind running a growing manufacturing business, Katana is designed to go beyond just being an inventory management system. Direct-to-consumer manufacturing via WooCommerce is increasingly popular, and unlike retailers, if you need to make your own products, you’ll need both a production planning an inventory management tool.

As an end-to-end manufacturing management solution, Katana makes it easy to track inventory movements as well as production operations throughout all stages of your product lifecycle. Katana supports import export for sales orders from your WooCommerce store, allowing you to quickly and easily manage order fulfillment, inventory, and production in Katana.

Katana ERP software running on a laptop and a tablet

Inventory control for multiple sales channels with Katana integrations and automation

Thousands of manufacturers use Katana to improve efficiency and reduce human error. Katana’s real-time master planner introduces inventory automation, so you no longer need to rely on a csv file for stock tracking.

Not only does Katana’s software track inventory and update stock store, but you can also connect to a broad range of services to bring unite all your business software. Katana integrates with a range of e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, as well as accounting, automation, reporting, and shipping solutions.

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WooCommerce inventory management software FAQs
How do I connect Katana cloud manufacturing software with my WooCommerce store?

You can set up your WooCommerce integration in Katana in four easy steps and improve order and inventory management in no time:

  • Step 1: Log into Katana, head over to Settings, and select the Integrations menu
  • Step 2: Click Connect and enter your WooCommerce website address to approve third-party access
  • Step 3: Configure what information you want to import from WooCommerce to Katana, i.e. product types, any variable product, or product bundles
  • Step 4: Once you’re done with the setup, select Confirm wait for the import to finish, and click Go to Sales to start using Katana as your go-to manufacturing and inventory management tool

For more information on how to set things up, take a look at our extensive Knowledge Base guides here.

How do I use Katana inventory management in WooCommerce?
  • When you set up the connection between Katana and WooCommerce, you can select if you would like to import stock levels for products from WooCommerce to Katana. When switched ON:

  • All product inventory levels will be imported from WooCommerce to Katana
  • You can also immediately see Sales item availability and Ingredients availability for all your Sales orders
Can I use Katana to track inventory across multiple WooCommerce stores?
  • Yes, you can set up multiple locations in Katana and choose which location your WooCommerce orders are imported from. If you choose to sync Katana stock levels to WooCommerce, stock-related data from the same location will be sent to WooCommerce. Also, if you have multiple WooCommerce stores, you can create and map a dedicated Katana location for each of them.

Does Katana support barcode inventory management for WooCommerce?
  • Yes, you can use barcodes to receive and count stock. Scanning barcodes can be done with an external scanning device, or you scan items directly into Katana’s Shop Floor App. You can scan a range of barcodes, including supplier item codes, internally registered barcodes, and batch barcodes. You can also print barcode labels directly from Katana and customize the size, format and layout.

What do WooCommerce store owners need to consider when looking for a cloud solution?

WooCommerce store owners need to consider a few things when looking for a cloud solution. First, you need to make sure that the solution integrates well with accounting or additional services you use besides your e-commerce platform of choice. Second, you need to find a solution that is affordable and suits your business needs. Lastly, you should consider getting a demo of the solution or, even better, a free trial to see firsthand if it’s a good fit for your business.

Katana integrates with WooCommerce as well as a broad range of services used by manufacturers, from CRM tools to accounting software. All Katana plans come with a free 14-day trial, so you can test it out before buying.

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